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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What Is Banner Broker And How It Works

This system is called the Banners Broker System and it’s completely unique in the way it works. No other system or company online, anywhere in the world is doing what this company is doing. Nobody has the system in place to compete with this company

 You can start with a moderate amount of money (including fees and taxes) and quite simply multiply that by two! Furthermore, you can do this again and again. The question to ask yourself is, how much would you start with and how many times would you do it.
There’s nothing to stop you from dropping $150,000 into the system and seeing that multiply over and over again. In fact, I know someone who’s doing just that.
Having said that, this is not an investment system. It’s not a network marketing or pyramid/ponzi system. It also has nothing to do with HYIP or cyclers or matrixes.
To use this system, you need some money (I suggest between $50 and $2000) to purchase a commodity which will benefit you separately. Even though you will benefit by this commodity, you are going to make money independently from that commodity. Remember, it’s impossible to not make money.

The system is fairly complex but I’m going to simplify it as much as possible. This means I will leave out a lot of nitty-gritty details which you can learn afterwards. But suffice to say for now, the system is extremely powerful and works for absolutely anyone in almost any country


Q: Do you know how Google makes money?
A: They make money by selling advertising space.
Google takes money from people who want to advertise and then they place their ads on other people’s sites, who are happy to takes Googles money in return for allowing them to place advertiser’s banners on their sites.
These people who allow Google to place ads on their own sites, are called Publishers.
As an example, let’s say Fred pays Google to advertise for him. Fred pays $1000 for the advertising and so he is known as the advertiser. Google takes this $1000 and then places Freds’ banner on say, Janes’ site. Jane in this case would be the Publisher. Google pays Jane $700 to place Fred’s banner on her site.
In this case, Fred’s happy because he’s getting advertising for $1000. Jane’s happy because she’s receiving $700 just to allow Google to place ads on her site. And Googles happy because they just made the difference between $1000 from Fred and the $700 they paid to Jane, which is $300. They just pocketed the difference.
Do you see how Google has acted as a broker or as a middleman between Fred and Jane? This is how Google makes its money. Doing this over and over again, Google made 2.7 billion in profits last year.
See this image for a better understanding…

Now I want to introduce you to another company that does exactly the same thing (as Google) but puts a twist on the system which allows you and I to make lots of money from this advertising system.
This company is called Banners Broker. They buy and sell banners, which as you know are ads.
This company is also very big. They have served over 6 billion ads and they currently pay one million dollars in commissions DAILY to all its agents (us).
If they’re paying $1000000 a day, don’t you think you can get a share of this money? I’ll show you how you can.
Just like Google, Banners Broker also takes money from advertisers and and they also place those ads on other people’s websites (who are the publishers). In fact, they have an agreement with publishers whereby they can place any ad they like on their site. In other words, Banners Broker owns the ad space on those sites.
These ad spaces or ad spots are called Panels.
But the difference between Google and Banners Broker is, Banners Broker shares its revenue with its agents, meaning you and I.


Those panels that Banners Broker owns (on publisher websites), it rents those ad spaces out to its agents (us).
This means that you now have control over that ad space and whenever someone advertises in those spaces, you will get a portion of that advertising revenue coming to you (and some of it is given to the owner of the site – the publisher).
So because you are the person renting those panels or ad spaces, whenever advertisers pay Banners Broker to place ads somewhere, they will place those banners on your panel. Since they’re using your panel, they will give you a cut of the money received.
Isn’t that great? All you did was rent out the ad space. You didn’t do anything else. You didn’t lift a finger. Just for being an agent, you got to share in the revenue received from advertisers.
So by acquiring more and more panels across the net, you’ll receive more and more income. It’s like being a real estate tycoon!
See the image below to understand this concept…

The first thing you need to do is register to become an agent for Banners Broker by visiting this link.

Then you need to purchase something called a ‘package‘. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a package is or what it contains. All that will be shown to you later. But for now, just buy it. Once you’ve bought your package, simply set the wheels turning by activating it. All that means is ‘click the activate button‘ to turn the key. This is what will start making you money immediately.
Does this sound too simple or unrealistic? If you’ve tried to make money online before, you’re already use to jumping through hoops to get things done. Therefore, this system of purchases and clicks just doesn’t ring true! You’re thinking…There’s no way it can work just by purchasing a commodity and then sitting back to collect the cash!
The truth of the matter is, the work involves purchasing packages/panels and clicking your mouse to rearrange things in your back office. The biggest job is learning how the system works. Since it’s a fairly complex system, it will take time to learn the intricacies of the process, but you don’t even need to learn that to make money. The learning is only there if you really want a handle on things and want to increase your earnings through various strategies.
Yes, there are charges and fees inside the system but you’ll know about them before you spend any money, and even then, you’ll still make a lot more than you put in.
But in a nutshell, just by doing what I have explained above, you will make moneywith this fantastic system.


There are 6 package choices for you to choose from and they are color coded to make it easier to understand. Look at the image below. 

The price you see in the first column, under Price, is the price you pay to buy the package.
The amount you see in the Revenue column is the amount you will receive a short time later, as a result of you renting out your panels from Banners Broker.
Everything I am explaining here is in its most simplest form. I have deliberately kept it super-simple and I have deliberately omitted a lot of details just to avoid confusion. What I have explained here are simply the basics.
If you understand a bit about what I have written here, then you are ready to go further and watch a few more videos after registering as an agent.
But you can now see how it all starts to work. Buy packages at a certain price and liquidate them later for a good payout. It’s as simple as that.
You can even purchase your package now and see accumulated earnings in your account by tomorrow. The income would have started already and you’ll see it increase in front of your eyes.  Banners Broker would have sold the ad space on your panels, thereby making you money. How cool is that for almost-instant gratification.

Because of the appeal for this system, you can see why banners broker is paying out over 1 million in commissions to its agent on a daily basis. They use a totally unique system, and nobody else is doing what they are doing. It’s a totally legitimate and ethical company which is why thousands of agents have now plugged into the system. Every single one of these agents is making money. You won’t find a single agent who’s not making money. Can any other system claim that?
This is why I said that it’s practically impossible to not make money with this system.
I hope this explanation has started to make you excited. If you are excited by what I have written, you’re ready to take the next step.
First of all, register for a Banners Broker account using the agent signup link. You don’t have to pay anything for registering. Once you’re inside the back office, look around and watch the presentations and tutorials to see how it all fits together.
Then, as you are ready to purchase your first package, contact me for some advice before you buy anything. My contact details are in the sidebar.
Once you register from this site, I’ll be able to help you with the Banners Broker System and I’ll also be able to help you with powerful strategies to help you make more money, much faster.
To learn more about how I can help you with the Banners Broker System, get in touch with me..



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